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About | Turquoise Yacht Transport

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We know the importance of being reliable.
We transport your yachts on the promised dates and give you the best quote we can offer.

There was no company in Turkey to provide only yacht transport service while this sector developed so much. Our founder is the co founder of the first yacht transport company in Turkey in 2005. We increased our investments in transport sector due to developing yachting sector.

The Turkish yachting sector, which has not slowed down its growth since the past, has become an important part of the world yachting industry and now one of the leading countries in this sector with the yachts it has manufactured and exported.

Many Turkish Boat dealers receives numerous Dealer of the Year awards from the brands they represents

Turkey is one of the leading tourism countries in the world with its stunning scenery and rich historic legacy. Many visitors starts to spend their summers in Turkey with their owned yachts They need ship their yachts to Turkey in the begining of season after a great summer they would like us to ship their yachts back.

Brokerage is also very strong sector in Turkey. Brokers or new owners needs to transport their yachts from / to Turkey

Due to reasons mentioned above, aim of Turquoise Yacht Transport is to be the transport partner of Turkish Shipyards, Dealers, Brokers , Turkish and Foreign yacht owners . We believe that we have succeeded it as we have become one of the most known and most trusted company now. We are like a family with our customers who have been doing business together for many years.

Turquoise Yacht Transport knows the importance of being reliable. We are aware of Importance of transport dates and rates for you when you decided to transport your yacht. We transport your yachts on the promised dates and give you the best quote we can offer.

You can check details of our worldwide agents and turnkey services on this web site.

When you have inquiry, just contact with us , one of our sales represantives will take care of you .

Please do not forget that you have a family in Turkey.


Why Turquoise Yacht Transport

Quick Quote

Your request for a quote will be replied in a short time by your customer represant.

Turnkey Service

Our services covering all stages from loading to unloading. The details of our turnkey service is that we are able to offer all the services of a transport. These services include load master,sea freight, cradle, transport insurance, customs clearance.

Promised Dates and Competitive Rates

We are aware of Importance of transport dates and rates for you when you decided to transport your yacht. We transport your yachts on the promised dates with competitive rates.

Special Agreements with Vessels

Having agreements with many of vessels which are suitable for boat transport and makes it easier for us to find suitable voyages for you on the rotation and dates you request for transportation of your boat with competitive rates.

Having Local Agents for Local Services in World

We provide you with local services related to transport or other services that you would like to request through our local agents in a fast way. we can intervene immediately when you have a problem and we solve the problem as fast as possible. You can contact local agents 7/24.

Specialized Technical Experience for Transport

According to your yacht plan, a stowage plan is made on your boat. Then Lifting plan and lifting equipment are arranged. All these stages are managed by our load masters and engineers. The foundation of a smooth shipment begins with making these plans.

More Services

We are here help to you and have a fun in Turkey

  • Marina

    We are happy to assist you for find a suitable marina in Turkey and make documents & agreements

  • Accommodation

    We are happy to help find recommended local hotel for you

  • Rental

    We can help you rent a car on your request.

  • Local Insight

    We can recommend you best restaurants, shopping centers, tourist attractions.

  • Flight

    We can book flights on behalf of you.

  • Emergency

    We can provide information about the nearest hospital and pharmacy in case of you need


Please check to ensure that the dimensions and weight are accurate based on the information supplied by the associated factory when filling out the form. If your yacht's dimensions or weight has been amended in any way (e.g. added or removed some parts ) or (e.g added additional tanks), please enter correct informations. Correct dimensions and weight are crucial for pricing,lifting and stowage plan.


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